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About WHISTLE STOP Hobby Depot – This is a new Web Page – Please have patience while I set it up … Thanks Gerry

Whistle Stop (Greenville) Hobby Has Moved to Cash, Texas on My Land on Hwy 34, just across the Street from Todd’s Garage.  Sylvia, ( Cash )Texas, once was a Whistle-Stop, On the Texas Midland Railroad.  The new place in Cash is coming together nicely , I hope to get it arranged soon.

The new Name: ” Whistle Stop Hobby Depot. “

Phone number: (903) 454 – 8647

New address: 5954 State Hwy 34 S. Quinlan  Texas 75474.

Our Hours of Operation:

Mon:   9:30 Am To 5:30 Pm

Tue:   9:30 Am To 5:30 Pm

Wed:  Closed on Weds: Working on the railroad, How about a Narrow gauge in Cash, Texas?

Thur:  9:30 Am To 5:30 Pm

Fri:     9:30 Am To 5:30 Pm

Sat:    9:30 Am To 5:30 Pm

Sun:   I’m Closed, Visit Me at Vansickle Baptist Church

I started Greenville Hobby Depot on July 1, 2009, Since I grew up in a Hobby Shop … ( As Children ) our daily hangout, we’d drool all over the eye candy and things We would have to save 2 or 3 weeks of allowance for. Now, it’s 2018 …

  • I worked at the ‘ol Katy Depot from mid 2006, I ran the Train store, the RR. Museum & sold on eBay
  • July 2009 opened Greenville Hobby – in the Historic Katy Depot, A Hobby Shop & Railroad Museum.
  • Business partner, trouble forced Me, to move to a Antique Mall, I received free rent, for Managing the Antique store, there wasn’t any creature comfort,  Hot in Summer Cold in winter. 2011 Mall Closed.
  • I moved to the Uptown Forum Shops, at 2610 Lee St.  Greenville, Texas, My place right inside the door, rent was reasonable, The Hobby Shop was profitable I also had small Railroad Museum, I became a Historian of local Railroading.
  • From 2011 – 2017 rent stayed to same, traffic was good. 2017 rent was doubled traffic had also doubled in a negative direction. So I had a dream of moving on the land my father had left me.
  • Now it’s August 2017, We’ve had to relocate, one too many times, so I moved to My Property on  Highway 34, in Cash, Texas  I have enough space to do what I want do, I can expand after I get re-established. the “Best Little Hobby Shop In Texas ” , will be better.

I’m proud to say Whistle Stop will be the “Best Little Hobby Shop In Texas ” .  I believe in customer service, and I will do my best to make sure your happy with your purchase.  Over the years I have acquired many suppliers, it would be easier to tell you what I can’t get from my suppliers

The future of Whistle Stop (Greenville) Hobby Is in Your hands.   I’m going to build a model railroad layout at this shop. It will be a Twelve by Six,  The model railroad layout will start with a O scale track at the bottom & move up through the different scales getting progressively smaller.

I specialize in Model Railroading, but also have RC available, this includes: Land, Air & Sea. That’s right cars, trucks, aircraft, Drones, Helicopters, boats & Tanks, these new RC models, will be in my new on-line shop “whistle stop hobby depot.com … working on the changes now … Time will make Whistle Stop Hobby … “The Best Little Hobby Shop in Cash, Texas”

The on-line store will be operating soon, I’ll have time to operate the hobby shop and do on-line also, since I can drop ship my Redcat R/C Cars, they’re great for the store.  I’ll get the on-line up soon ….  I’m here to serve you in this new on-line world of, “I must have it now, world. I plan to have products in stock, soon … getting re-established has been expensive, so be patient, I’m working on a road & driveway to the place, currently using next door neighbor’s drive at 5942 State Hwy 34 on the right … just passed the motorcycle shop Texas Power Sports !!!

I’ll prove to you that I can compete with the online world.  Most of what you Special order from me, comes to my shop in a week or less.   I am very Knowledgeable in the Hobby Business.  You will receive service with a smile, and will leave with a smile … I look forward to this new venture …

Gerry S.


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